One NCC One Project; ‘’Promoting safe and sustainable blood transfusion system in Nepal’’.

Title : ‘’Promoting safe and sustainable blood transfusion system in Nepal’’

 It is a technical development program for quality system development in Central Blood Transfusion Service (CBTS), Nepal, initiated by NRNA in technical collaboration with Sanquin Consulting Service of the Sanquin Blood Supply Foundation  the Netherlands.

Blood Transfusion Service (BTS) is one of the priority programs of the Government of Nepal (GoN). The Nepal Red Cross Society (NRCS) started providing the institution‐based BTS through the Department of Pathology at Bir Hospital in 1964 and the first BTS was established as Laxmi Blood Bank in 1966. In recognition of the pioneering and long service of NRCS, in 1992 His Majesty’s Government of Nepal (HMG/N) mandated NRCS as the sole agency to conduct the blood programs in Nepal. A national policy on BTS was then developed and approved by HMG/N through a cabinet decision in 1993.

During the initial years, BTS in Nepal was available only in Kathmandu but over the years, it has been expanded to 100 BTS Centres (BTSC) in 67 of the 75 districts of the country. Out of these 100 centres, one is functioning as NRCS Central BTS Centre (CBTSC). At present, BTS is being regulated by Central Blood Transfusion Service (CBTS) under Nepal Red Cross Society.

The supply of safe and adequate blood and blood products has remained one of the main goals of the National Blood program. However, several limitations exist within the CBTS to reach the goal in satisfactory levels. Among many, major limitations are the lack of technical expertise and the state-of-art facility in preparation of blood products required for any sort of demand. Additionally, in current situation the CBTS also lacks the availability of latest screening assays for supply of safe and quality blood or blood products. With the objective to uplift the standard of BTS in Nepal, NRNA SKI  teamed up with a few Nepalese professionals working in different parts of the world. The team aims to develop and establish a strategy for promoting safe and sustainable blood transfusion system in Nepal with the motto : “Safe Blood Donation is Life Donation”

The team is developing technical collaboration with Sanquin Blood Supply Foundation, the Netherlands. Its technical expertise will be used for this project in such a method that the Nepalese professionals  and CBTS Nepal can take the role over within some consecutive years of project operation.


Aims and Objectives:


The objectives are planned to meet in different phases.

·         Support for strategic planning and capacity building for the basic necessities of CBTS Nepal to develop: “Centrally Coordinated Blood Transfusion Service with the guarantee of Minimum Standard Quality Overall the Country”, with technical and operational knowledge  from Sanquin Blood Supply Foundation, The Netherlands.  

·         Review the existing status of blood centers in Nepal in terms of infrastructural facilities, human resources, managerial and technical aspects.

·         Conducting research with the help of trained staff under Sanquin - CBTS training program to Identify gaps between current practices and WHO recommended standards. Apply the uniform methods for gradual improvements in the system.  

·         Support in the development of donor screening and diagnostic assays for safe supply of blood and blood products as per demand.

·         Support in expansion of production of different blood products as per demand in Nepal’s medical and surgical context.



Dr. Manita Rajkarnikar (Director, CBTS), Nepal

Dr. Martin Smid (Managing Director, Sanquin Consulting Services), Netherlands

Mr. Shrawan Kumar Shrestha, (Project Co-ordinator for Nepal) CBTS,  Nepal

Mr. Ram K Shrestha,CBTS, Nepal         

Dr. Saroj Ghimire, Switzerland

Mr. Thaneshwor Kandel, Netherlands

Mr. Ashwini Kumar Nepal, Netherlands

Dr. Janal Lal Pathak, China

Dr. Ravi Khadka, Netherlands/Ireland

Dr. Roshan Lal Shrestha. USA

Ms. Sita Shrestha, USA

Mr. Himal Gurung, NRNA NCC NL President

Mr.Surendra Koju, Lab Head , Blood Bank Unit , Dhulikhel Hospital , Kavre Nepal.

Mr. Fanindra Panta (Project Coordinator), Netherlands




Technical Partners:

Sanquin Consulting Services, Sanquin Blood Supply Foundation , The Netherlands & NRNA Professionals working in the concerned field .


Funding Requirement : Euro 70,000/- for one year program .


Training and Duration ( Direct ) : 15 Persons (on the job) per year . Total 250 staff training Direct and Indirect in three years.


Start date of the Project : January 30, 2017


Beneficeries : Nepalese population. All over Nepal .



Funding Partners:

NRNA NCC NL, Fairfriends Foundation Netherlands, NRNA ICC, TBI GROUP Nepal.


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Contact us:


Netherlands :

Fanindra Panta

0031(0)6 42486868;


Marleen Raurus

Secretary , Sanquin Consulting Services

020-512 3680


Nepal :

Dr Manita Rajkarnikar

Shrawan K. Shrestha


NRNA Headquarter  




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